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Welcome to Houndmistress

Houndmistress has been set up to provide a source of information on microchipping issues and stray dog policies for Wales. 

The site includes information on Council policies and practice, useful links and news on policy developments.  

In particular, the site contains up to date information on all Welsh Councils' policies with regard to stray dogs.  Many dog owners think that if their dog is chipped, they will be automatically contacted if their dogs is lost - not so. 

In setting up this site, I've been thinking about three groups of site users. 

Dog owners - particularly if you have lost your dog. Please use this site to check on the policy of each Welsh Council - this could save your dog's life.  Remember - once a dog is in a Council pound, it only has seven days before the Council can either dispose of it or have it destroyed. 

There is also a huge variation between Councils and other public  bodies in how they treat lost or stray dogs that have been killed on the road.  Some will check and scan for chips while many do not - please read the guide for details on what is happening in your area.  Don't forget to contact all neighbouring Councils - in many parts of Wales, it is very easy for dogs to travel the short distances that separate local authority areas, and policies are often radically different.   Click here to see a handy list of what to do if your dog is lost, plus some tips on keeping them safe (opens in new window).  

Campaigners, charities and welfare groups - I am proud to be passionate about dog welfare and responsible dog ownership. Local authorities have a duty to provide efficient effective services, especially in the current climate of financial austerity.  The site will highlight areas where services can be improved and the benefits of responsible dog ownership can be shared.    Please email me if you want to discuss how any of the information I have can be of use to your welfare campaign, how we can work together, suggestions for improvements or how I can showcase news that is of interest.  I am also happy to accept suggestions for links.  

Local authorities - Can find information on all other Welsh local authorities in one place, as well as a detailed comparison of policies, statistics and activity.  In particular, I hope it will highlight examples of best practice and encourage change towards more responsive and effective policies for dogs, and a reduction in the number that are killed by local Councils. 

Page updated 5th March 2012 



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